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I love Icelle’s new sophisticated outfit collage inspired by artist Sarah Crowner. Sara, born in 1974 in Philadelphia, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. I adore her geometric compositions. She creates her paintings by sewing together angular pieces of painted canvas. Sarah Crowner is currently exhibiting, until February 2 2014 at the Nicelle Beauchene Gallery.

Sarah Crowner 2011
Sarah Crowner- Untitled (2011): Oil and gouache on sewn canvas and linen. Image- Nichelle Beauchene Gallery, New York
Evoking vintage textiles-part of The Wave  Sarah Crowner  installation at Nicelle Beauchene
Evoking vintage textiles-part of The Wave- Sarah Crowner installation at Nicelle Beauchene

According to the New York Times– “Sarah Crowner’s third solo at Nicelle Beauchene is just what’s needed in the dark days of January: an eye-opening mood-lifter of a show and a gentle nudge to the hibernating intellect.”

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