I Love Paros

Pool and sea


Birds Swimming Pool Paros

Pool feet anklet

Greek flag painting

Paros is an amazing Greek island in the center of the Aegean Sea. It has incredible beaches, beautiful houses, friendly people and a fun night life. Yes, it has it all! I promised, I will show you pictures … so here are my Canon G12 pics mixed with instagram.  I hope you can the idea… I am lying in the sun watching seagulls and tinny cute birds drinking water from the pool…

Paros Pool

Birds Swimming Pool Paros

flower Paros

Bracelet Larimar  Silver Coral Paros

Seagulls Swimming Pool sea Paros

Flower Bouquet Makria Miti Estates

Naousa from the sea


traditional cycladic architecture Paros Lageri beach

Gina's red hair Lageri Beach Paros


Blue Aegean sea Paros

Flower Decor


Makria miti estates

Paros Paroikia

Makria Miti Estates Hercules

Paros Aliki chair

Paros White wine

Paros Aliki Kaiki

Have a lovely Sunday!!!





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