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How to wear check prints blazer coat tartan plaid black white

How to wear plaid print now ? Check it

Check print blazers and coats is by far the best Autumn Winter trend seen at the New York sidewalks during Fashion Week.

And the good thing about it, is you probably already own a plaid jacket and a coat.

CHECK IT: These stylish ladies are embracing the check print in all its glory.

How to wear the check print

Miroslava Duma check jacket

Miroslava Duma : Mix plaid prints

Wear a pair of black pants and a plaid jacket.

belt check coat plaid

Match with a white shirt

All black check print blazer

Wear total black and check blazer

Plaid coat NYFW

Wearing a plaid coat with jeans…. you can never go wrong…

If you have the blazer and coat you can make a statement with this check print cape from J.Crew

Love the pant suit from Maje cropped stretch-felt pants and blazer

and the black and white from H&M

If you want to invest in a check jacket

Bella Freud’s black and white Isaacs hound’s-tooth wool blazer is versatile


this Stella McCartney plaid short coat will go a long way.


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

Images  @miraduma @garypeppergirl @songofstyle

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