How to wear stripes for your body type? The shortcut to Spring Style

Check out how to wear stripes for your body type because striped tops, skirts and dresses are the shortcut to chic Spring style.

Stripes are a timeless Spring Summer staple long associated with sailing and super stylish French girls.

Stripes for your body-type illusration

Striped dresses, whether they are cotton, ribbed knit, or jersey, are the perfect idea of the ultimate summer hero pieces. Not many dresses can go seamlessly from the office to the beach without missing a beat.

Opt for a trendy stripped off-the-shoulder top. How to wear it? The general rule, no matter your body type, is the following:

If it’s a flirty top with a flouncy style pair it with a pair of distressed jeans. or with cut off shorts or close-fitting jeans.

If you wear a more fitted top wear it with culottes or wide leg pants.

backwards striped shirt

Stripes for your body type styling tips

1. Post-baby: According to, a full bust and midsection with slim hips and legs. Choose skinny, vertical stripes to elongate and define the waist.

2. Boyish Figure long and lean: narrow with boyish hips. Add volume with a mix of graphic, variegating stripes.

Boyish figure how to wear stripes


3. Pear Shape hourglass: waist is smaller than the bust and hips. Slip into a body-conscious striped dress that will flatter your curves and highlight a tiny waist.

Stripes for your body type pear illustration

4. Curvy: smaller on top with curvy hips and thighs. Balance out your hips with skinny vertical stripes, then add curves on top with thick, horizontal stripes.

5. Voluptuous: broad shoulders and a full bust with narrow hips. Downplay a larger top half by choosing a dress with thick stripes on the bottom.

Voluptuous hpw to wear stripes

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