How to wear Balenciaga triple S? 10 ways to wear ugly sneakers

This is something that I thought I would never say – ugly sneakers are in style, and I kind of want a pair.

They capture the street-style look of the moment updating my wardrobe, instantly.

So, I ordered the coveted Balenciaga triple S. In fact, all other fashion houses are now copying the trend Louis Vuitton has their, and even Chanel has come out with a lookalike pair!

If you are not sure how to style them check out my favorite stylish options. However, if you are not 100% sure you want to go for the designer ugly retro sneakers trend you can for lookalikes…

1…. Balance = Chunky coat + chunky sneakers

chunky coat chunky shoes

2… Logomania = Gucci socks + Balenciaga triple Slogomania

3…Cool mix = Tailored jacket + hoodie + ugly sneakers


4… Minimal = All black except THE SHOESall black expept the triple s

5…Minimal = All white except THE SHOESall white except the shoes

6… Dress up = girly dress + Balenciaga triple Sdress it up

7… Maximum cool = jacket + shorts + ugly sneakersmaximum cool

8… Elegant fresh = black suit + sneakerselehant style

9…Parisian vibes = beret + chunky sweater + sneakersfrench vibes

9… Summer cool = denim skirts + logo t-shirt + Balenciaga triple S

summer cool

10.. Style mix = yellow bag + tailored jacket + asymmetric skirtcolor mix


Get the balenciaga look for less

Balenciaga triple S red blue white

Puma chunky sneakers , Puma Cilia sneakers 

Balenciaga triple S white,

Balenciaga burgundy  and beige nude 





Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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