How To Update your Wardrobe for Spring-Summer 2012?

inslee-haynes-fahion-illustrations-Hi Girls! I decided on the one item that will update my wardrobe this season! A colored leather jacket is the only  item I consider worth investing for spring summer 2012!!! Ice cream colors and aviator style caught my attention in London’s most fashionable stores. My runners up are the following and the winner is….

Acne Blue leather jacketACNE

acne beige leather jacketAcne Black Leather jacket

Carven orange jacketCARVEN

Carven Orange leather jacket

Iro lookbook
I am torn between IRO and CARVEN … CARVEN has the most amazing papaya shade you will find and a luxurious soft leather while IRO is a super soft orange biker chic distressed jacket. What do you think??

Have a nice day!!



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  1. >Thank you for sharing this info. I love pastels for summer.
    p.s. One day you should tell us your secret about looking better and better every single day. You are looking really amazing.
    Sending you lots of love and kisses my dear.
    Best regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

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