How to Turn an Old T-Shirt Into a Sexy Bikini or a Trendy Grocery Bag?! DIY Tutorial !


Recycle an Old T-Shirt Into a Sexy Bikini
Anyone who has ever shopped for swimwear knows that trying to find the perfect suit is a nightmare. The bottom fits, but the top doesn’t; it’s see-through or baggy or just too tiny. In other words, the suit just doesn’t suit you. You end up looking either too “porn star” or “granny,” and to add insult to injury, you spend a small fortune for a swimsuit that’s faded from the chlorine and sags in the wrong places by the summer’s end. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a new bikini when you can make one yourself in less than one hour from recycled materials you probably already have lying around?

illustration cut t-shirt to bikini bottom
Illustration of instructions : How to cut the bikini bottom


1. Find an old T-shirt (not too transparent)—the bigger the better.

2. Lay your T-shirt out flat.

3. Cut off the bottom hem of the T-shirt.

4. Cut off two more 1.5-inch-wide strips from the bottom to use as straps.

5. Lay out and pin an existing bikini top out onto the front of the T-shirt (make sure not to pin it through to the back!). T-shirt fabric does not need hemming, so it won’t fray after it’s been cut. Should you, however, choose to hem your suit, add a 1-inch seam allowance on all sides of the pattern.

6. Now outline the pattern onto the T-shirt. Once you are finished, cut the shape out of the front of your T-shirt.

7. Remove the bikini from the T-shirt fabric. You’ll notice that your top has very short straps. Cut out two strips at least 6 inches long, from your leftover scraps. Tip: Feel free to use a different stretch or jersey fabric to add color or flavor!

8. Hand-sew each strip onto the short ties of your bikini top so that your straps are long enough to tie in a bow. Trick of the trade: Once the straps are sewn on, tug on them to make them more string-like.

9. We added a lace detail and dyed our bikini top, but feel free to use your creative energies and add your own touch.

Recycle an Old T-Shirt Into a Bag

color t-shirt turned grocery bag
Bright color t-shirt turned into cute grocery bag!

Produce mesh bags are the new reusable shopping totes, but why buy when you can make your own for next to nothing? Delia Randall of Delia Creates shows us how to recycle an old T-shirt—you know, the one with all the moth holes and mystery stains—into an adorable veggie carrier. “I’m not the most green person,” she tells Ecouterre. “But I do believe in taking care of our earth, and I think the point is to try. The more I try to repurpose old materials and cut down on waste, the easier it gets to be more eco-minded. And every effort counts, even if just a little bit.” Did I mention these bags are off-the-charts cute, too?


t-shirt cut into handbag
T-shirt cut into handbag


Take an old T-shirt and turn it inside out. Draw a bag shape you like. (You can make it as small or large as you want.)

Bright color t-shirt recycled into bag
Bright color t-shirt recycled into bag


Cut through both layers so you have two identical pieces. You can leave the shirt’s hem intact or snip it off.

t-shirt turned into bag
T-shirt turned into bag


Stitch the two pieces together all the way around, leaving the bag’s opening untouched.

t-shirt instructions for produce bag
T-shirt instructions for produce bag


To prevent fraying, either serge or apply a narrow zigzag stitch to the edge.

green t-shirt ruler and pen
use t-shirt ruler and pen


Use a ruler and ballpoint pen to draw dashes across the fabric. Important: Leave room four inches from the top for your handle.

t-shirt cut for grocery bag
t-shirt cut for grocery bag


Using scissors or a rotary cutter, snip along the lines, making sure to stagger your cuts. Cut a longer slit two inches from the top—this will be your handle—and shape the sides if you wish.

t-shirt reused
T-shirt reused


Then streeeeeetch the bag.

green t-shirt produce bag with lemons
T-shirt produce bag with lemons


That’s it! If you wash and dry your bag, the slits curl up a bit and it looks even better. You can use them for produce, as the name implies, or at the beach for your sandals.


ecouterre, Delia Creates

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