How to transform a T-shirt to a sexy top!!!

Hi Girls! How to transform a boring old t-shirt into something that could make you the star of the party?? Easy !!! Turn it upside down & create some fancy pockets. Learn how..

Step 1 : Things you will need
Things-you-will-need Old t-shirt

1. Any old t-shirt, large enough to fit you. It is preferable to use a t-shirt that doesn’t have big prints or things written on it, as you will turn it upside down.
2. Scissors

3. A sewing machine (or sew it by hand)

4. Safety pins

5. Elastic (about 1,5m)

Step 2 : The lower part 

Things-you-will-need Old t-shirt

Measure the circumference of your chest.Cut a piece of elastic that matches your measurements.

Turn the shirt inside out and cut a small opening on the bottom hem.

Use a safety pin to attach one end of the elastic and insert the pin through the small opening. Pass the safety pin (and the elastic) inside the hem until you reach the other end.

Attach the two ends of the elastic by sewing them.

Turn the shirt right side out. Now it should look like the picture.

Step 3 : The upper part

The-upper-part t-shirt

Step 4 : The pockets

The-pockets  t-shirt

We’ll now look at the upper part of the shirt.Use some pins to hold the fabric still.

Cut all excess fabric so in the end you’ll have a straight line at the top. Make sure you cut any visible part of the collar.

Use some pins to attach the sleeves at the front of the t-shirt in this particular position (arms crossed). You will sew them on the shirt later.

Use the sewing machine to make a hem where you cut the excess fabric.

Step 5 : Wear it!

T-shirt dress


 Have a lovely Day!!!



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