Amazing Hair Style Ideas… The Short and the Long Story !!!


A complete guide to hair style ideas with celebrity hair do inspiration. Have a look at everything from pixie short hair, to stylish chignons to luscious beach waves.

Now is the perfect time to refresh your style! So, I would suggest we start at the top. New Style… Hair and Make-up! The whole story of Best Top New Seasons Hairstyles and Makeup told by my favorite celebrities!


Hair by photographer Marc Laroche
High fashion drawing hair and makeup

Browse through these adorable haircuts—from Emma Watson’s cute short crop to Olivia Wilde’s fab blunt bangs—before you visit your stylist!

Catherine McNeil by Mario Testino
Catherine McNeil by Mario Testino
 Masha and Gabrielle by Max Abadian for Dress to Kill Magazine
Masha and Gabrielle by Max Abadian for Dress to Kill Magazine

Hot HairStlyle Trend No 1 : BANGS-FRINGES

Olivia Wilde Hair, makeup
Olivia Wilde bangs with long Hair and cat eyes makeup

Commit to this all-eyes-on-you fashion-forward fringe Tamara Melon is wearing! She has straight-across bangs with subtly rounded edges and beautiful cat eyes make-up! Try blunt Bangs With Long or short Length hair!

fringes Young Fashion Blogger hairstyle
Fringes Young Fashion Blogger favorite Hairstyle

Posh” Bloggers Make You Want Bangs!!! I kind of love them all!

Hot HairStlyle Trend No 2 : Very Short Hair – The Pixie Cut

Twiggy's original Pixie Haircut and 1960's makeup
Twiggy’s original Pixie Haircut and 1960’s makeup

Short hair styles are in demand this season! Before Victoria Beckham and Halle Berry’s beautiful pixie cuts, there was doe-eyed supermodel Twiggy’s original pixie cut. She defied convention and the constraints of femininity by creating a new definition of womanhood for herself — by maintaining an androgynous young girl look.

Emma Watson with sort hair at the 2011 BAFTAS
Emma Watson with sort hair at the 2011 BAFTAS

Just remember, a trade-off to the easy upkeep is the fact that a pixie cut hides nothing!
Ginnifer Goodwin, Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan with very short Hair. This suuper short, amazing haircut frames the eyes with a sweeping side bang but keep in mind that a cut like this requires trims every five to six weeks and it’s best for someone without kinky curly hair.

Hot HairStlyle Trend No 3 : The New Hollywood Bob and The Power Bob

Elizabeth Taylor hair makeup
Elizabeth Taylor’s iconic hairstyle and makeup
Jennifer Aniston hair, New Bob 2011
Jennifer Aniston refreshed … Bob 2011
Rihanna red color hair
Rihanna Hot red color bob!
Keira Knightly Sort bob Hair
Keira Knightly Sort twisted… bob Hair

A bob haircut looks hot whether it’s worn sleek like Christina Aguilera’s with natural make-up or wavy like Maggie Gyllenhaal’s with red lipstick. “The important thing about this cut is that it hugs your jawline,” says Cutler. Playing around with your part creates an instant ’40s glam vibe, so you’re never stuck with the same ol’ look.I love Jessica Alba’s soft bob that flatters her square faces by adding piecey bangs and her make-up with green eyeshadow and natural colored lips.

Isabel-Marant Short Cool Bob hairstyle
At Isabel Marant’s Fashion Show a Short Cool Bob hairstyle

Anna Wintour’s Power Bob is created and maintained every month by the famous London based hairdresser Charlie Chan! Vogue’s editor is one of the most influential women in fashion, always in the front row of fashion shows of Milan, London, New York and Paris and usually wearing black glasses with neutral lipstick.

The power bob hairstyle by Anna Wintour
Alexa Chung, New Bob haircut and new hair color, Vogue June 2011
Alexa Chung, New Bob haircut and new hair color, Vogue June 2011

Hot HairStlyle Trend No 4 : Shoulder Grazing Haircut

Shoulder length Hair and Smokey eyes makeup
Shoulder length Hair and Smokey eyes makeup
If you’re in that limbo stage where you want to keep your hair on the longer side but don’t want it too long for those warmer spring months, it’s all about the lob (a.k.a. “long bob”). “However, coarse- and thick-haired girls should be careful with this look,” says Neil Weisberg of Neil George Salon. “It might go too puffy”. Perfect for thin hair!
Tamara Mellon Shoulder length Hair 2010 CFDA Fashion Awards - Arrivals
Tamara Mellon Shoulder length Hair with bangs
Diane Kruger Hair and makeup
Diane Kruger Hair and makeup

Hot HairStlyle Trend No 5 : Lovely Midlength Haircut

Midlength ‘dos are definitely having a Hollywood hair moment right now. Whether it’s smooth and sculpted like Carrie Underwood’s ‘do or a tad more disheveled like Alexa Chung’s, we love that this cut give you tons of versatility. “There’s a major cuteness factor with this length because you’re still able to pull it up into a ponytail or off to the side in a bun,” says Weisberg.

Nicky Hilton hair and makeup
Nicky Hilton has stylish chic hair and makeup

You want the layering to look natural and blended in (not like your cut went haywire), so ask your stylist to slice in some “invisible layers.” Most face shapes look best when the hair starts to angle right at the nose. For a rounder face, try going up a little higher closer to the eye.

Angela Lindvall photographed by Vincent Peters
Angela Lindvall photographed by Vincent Peters
Alexa chung Hair
Alexa Chung Hair
Angela Lindvall photographed by Vincent Peters
Angela Lindvall photographed by Vincent Peters

Hot HairStlyle Trend No 6 : Long Waves and Layered Haircut

Taylor Swift and Eva Mendes Hair
Taylor Swift and Eva Mendes long waves

The amazing Long look of loose seductive curls that have a slight wave to them is what I want and can’t have this season … 🙁 …unless, that’s an idea… I use extensions…

Long Hair with Soft Curls
Long Hair with Soft Curls and brown color smokey eyes

Mila Kunis wore this very look the 2011 SAG awards and she looked gorgeous. The look might look like one that can only be done at the salon, but it can easily be recreated at home.

Kim Kardashian hair makeup
Kim Kardashian with long waves and soft smokey eyes

Long layers are a classic for a reason—they’re almost always flattering. But the special trick to keeping it cute and fresh is the shorter, softer fringe-y pieces around the face that act almost like long bangs. This cut is great for naturally curly hair!

Rihanna long waves Hair Vogue
Rihanna with he long red Hair on the cover of Vogue
Miley Cyrus long hair and makeup
Miley Cyrus long hair and makeup

Ask your stylist to soften the edges and create short pieces around the face by opening the inside of a scissor!

Hot HairStlyle Trend No 7 : Up Do’s and chignons

Drawing Hair Style and makeup
Trendy UpDo
Emma Roberts Hair Makeup
Emma Roberts Trend Hair and Makeup
January Jones hair and lipstick
I love January Jones! Cool hair …up do and coral lipstick

Up Dos and Chignons are soooo hot this spring! I just found the perfect Up Dos for evenings and bride’s hairstyles.

Up Do Hair, Wedding Style Hair 2011
Up Do, Perfect Wedding Style Hair 2011

A “chignon” could describe just about any updo gathered into a knot, not necessarily the smooth, classic ballerina bun.

Paris Hilton hair updo
Paris Hilton chignon hairstyle
Vanessa Hudgens Hair Makeup
Vanessa Hudgens Curly Updo Hair, black eyeliner and red lips
Nicole Kidman hair and makeup
Nicole Kidman hair and makeup
Taylor Swift Hair and makeup 2011
Taylor Swift amazing Hair and makeup !
Kate Winslet hair makeup
Kate Winslet new style hair and soft colored makeup
Carrie Underwood hair and makeup
Carrie Underwood perfect wedding style hair and makeup
Kirsten Hair
Kirsten’s lovely braids.. perfect for cool brides

Braids have always fascinated the fashion set, turning up with regularity on the runway.

Jessica Alba Hair and Makeup
Jessica Alba hair with Braids and red lipstick

The new trend, however,  is side braids and here is how you can do it : 1. Start with a curling iron to create loose waves—they hold together better than straight strands. Then rake shine serum through the ends. 2. Make a side part and gather hair to one side, just below the chin. Loosely braid and secure with a clear elastic. 3. To rough it up, hold the braid taut and give it a few good shakes.

Uma Thurman Hair Long and Makeup
Uma Thurman Long hair with Braids

Uma Thurman is the latest A-lister to adopt the easy yet somehow sophisticated style, which she wore to the L.A. premiere of her new movie, Ceremony, with wavy face-framing tendrils and a messy, texturized braid down her back.

Jessica Simpson and Demi Moore hair
Jessica Simpson and Demi Moore side braids
Liv Tyler hair Makeup
Live Tyler One side braid

It’s a rare occasion when Demi Moore ties back her long, lustrous raven locks, so when she does, people take notice!  I love 48-year-old’s beauty habits and her cute husband, they always look so good!  At the 13th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards last night in L.A., Moore opted for a French braid, which started at her hairline, cascaded around the side of her head, and sloped past her neck, where it joined with the lengths in an intricate, side-slung fishtail. The youthful style certainly opened up her face.

Hot HairStlyle Trend No 9 : Sleek and Straight

Amy Adams Hair and makeup
Amy Adams Hair and makeup

I love this style! It is classic and simple! Get Sleek and Straight hair style  by following the steps : 1. Prep hair for straightening with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner, says Suave stylist Jenny Cho who created Mila Kunis’s sleek look. 2. Run an iron through hair that has been blown out with a boar bristle brush. 3. Finish with a few drops of serum and mist the style with a flexible hold hairspray for movement.

Khloe Kardashian Hair and makeup
Khloe Kardashian Slick straight Hair and smokey eyes makeup
Mila Kunis Hair Blake Lively Hair
Mila Kunis and Blake Lively with sleek straight Hair and lovely makeup
Eva Longoria Hair
Eva Longoria Half Updo straight Hair

Hot HairStlyle Trend No 10 : Retro Style

Retro Style Hair, Makeup and Clothes
Retro Style Hair, Makeup and Clothes

The retro style gets a 2011 update thanks to touchable texture.

Half-up retro hair, Gwen Stefanie and Eva Longoria
Half-up retro hair, Gwen Stefanie and Eva Longoria

HOW TO DO IT :  1. Apply a light leave-in conditioner and volumizer spray to hair before drying it. 2. Set the top of your head with a large iron and use a medium sized one for the sides. Back comb the curls with a mixed bristle brush for “fluffy” volume, says Gwen Stefani’s stylist Danilo. 3. Mist strands with a light hold spray and clip hair half-up.

Georgia May Jagger New retro Style hair makeup
Georgia May Jagger New retro Style hair makeup
Angelina Jolie retro hair and Makeup
Angelina Jolie classic retro hair and Makeup perfect for a bride!

Hot HairStlyle Trend No 11 : The Messed and Teased Waves

Brigitte Bardot hair and makeup
Brigitte Bardot hair and makeup

Brigitte Bardot was every teenage boy’s fantasy in the 1960s — and for good reason. She mastered the messy down and taught us that beautiful, sexy hair didn’t have to brushed or maintained in uptight curls. In fact, Bardot’s voluminous curls define what I like to call “sex hair”. Before there was Megan Fox, there was this bright-eyed doll.

Fergie hair and makeup
Fergie at her 36th Birthday in Las Vegas on March 25, 2011
Natalia Vodianova photographed by Paolo Roversi, naked long hair
Natalia Vodianova photographed by Paolo Roversi, naked long hair

Should you get sex-mess curls? If you have a round face, soft low-maintenance curls that fall around your face in cascades can soften the roundness. Always get long hair!

Georgia May Jagger hair and makeup
Georgia May Jagger hair and makeup

Learn how to do it : 1. Start building body in the shower with volumizing shampoo and conditioner. 2. Blow-dry with a large round brush, pulling hair up and out to create lift at the roots. Then wrap random sections around a 1-inch curling iron. 3. Once hair cools, brush through the curls to tease the crown and mist with a frizz-fighting spray for touchable hold.

Isabel-Marant 2011 Winter
Cool Long hair with fab new style highlights at Isabel Marant show!


Have a lovely Day!!!


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