How to style white jeans?

I love a good pair of white jeans, so, I always pack a pair when I travel to London. Yes, during Winter too.

White denim… all year round is a hot new fashion trend.
I read that at the Vogue offices, a new mood was moving into denim for 2017, signaled by a conversation last December about a pair of starchy white straight-leg jeans which they all wanted. The pair in question were the Flood jean by Raey  they look particularly good when teamed with a chunky black puffer, spiky black ankle boots, and lashings of white cashmere.


London street style Trendsurvivor02

Covent Garden Kings street[br]

When can I wear white jeans?

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894, and society eventually adopted it as the natural endpoint for summer fashion. However, not everyone followed this rule. Fashion trends are changing and white jeans have become an all season’s wardrobe staple.

What color to wear with white jeans depending on the season?

Summer : One of my favorites for Summer is to go with all white. Create the ultimate clean, crisp appearance by pairing a simple white blouse with your white pants.
Winter: Chalky denim lightens up a depressing all-black winter uniform.
All seasons :  Add some contrasting neutrals, such as black, gray, tan, or brown
Spring- Summer : Give your outfit a boost of color.


London street style Trendsurvivor00

London street style Trendsurvivor01[br]

Black cashmere sweater  Raey

Floral shirt by Banana Republic, yellow floral here

White denim Mango push-up, more here

White laser cut sneakers Alaia

(go down to the nearest whole size if you take a half size)

Backpack Proenza Schouler





Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!


Photos- Yanna P


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