How to make your perfume last longer

Check out easy hacks that can actually make your perfume last longer…. much much longer.

How annoying is it when the several morning spritzes of your expensive perfume’s scent seem to completely disappear by 11 am?


Chanel number 5 perfume arrangment

Store in a cool dry place

So the bathroom is not the ideal place to store your perfume bottle. Create a pretty perfume arrangement using a stylish tray and a vase with flowers in your bedroom.

Apply immediately after showering on moist skin

Scents last longer on moist skin, so do apply perfume after you take a shower or bath. Spray it on after drying off, before putting on clothes.

How to make your parfume last longer

Spray your ankles

You probably know about spraying the nape of the neck, inside of elbows and cleavage but did you know that spraying the back of your knees or ankles makes sense because scent rises throughout the day.

Forget the old ritual spraying and rubbing

Don’t rub your wrists after spraying your perfume because it interrupts the fragrance’s true smell, as friction causes heat.

Create your perfume scented lotion

Pour just a little fragrance from your perfume bottle into unscented lotion.
Wear your lotion first

It doesn’t have to be your perfume’s lotion. You can just apply unscented moisturizer and then spray your pulse points to lock the scent in.

how to make perfume last longer 3

Use vaseline on pulse points

Apply vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer.

spray your brush perfume

Spray your hairbrush

Spray your hairbrush and then run it through your hair.



parfume bottle

Aedes De Venustas

A voluptuous essence, Tomato Leaf and Hazelnut accords punctuated with Green Apple and sweet Honeysuckle. Many of the ingredients in this ‘Signature’ aroma have been sourced by artisan perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour.


Have a lovely March!!!

  1. Nina, have you tried this perfume ‘honeysuckle, green apple, tomatoe (?) and hazelunt (?).. intriguing. Will I like it? You knowing me??xxx

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