How To Loose the weight you gained on holidays?!


I don’t feel thin today!! Had a tough time getting dressed because nothing felt right! I gained some weight and I feel extremely bloated. Grrr… Have to loose what I gained on holidays before it gets stack on my body… Going on a diet can be a tricky business what with calorie-counting, hidden fats and seemingly innocent-looking low-fat snacks turning out to have more sugar packed into them than their full fat relatives. To help clear up a few diet myths and put real food back onto my menu I found 10 foods that contain 100 calories or less so I can indulge without the guilt…and loose the weight I gained eating at Christmas family dinners.

1. Cottage cheese
100g = 98 calories
A portion size = 49 calories
A dieters’ staple – if a little bland. Use on crackers, in sarnies or as a topping with pineapple for jacket potatoes. I love it as a salad topping!

2. Plain boiled pasta

pasta plain

100g = 110 calories
A portion size = 330 calories
Eating plain boiled pasta is hardly appealing, but keep the calories down by flavouring it with chilli, fresh rocket, lemon, fresh tomatoes and a little olive oil. Remember cheese is fattening so do not use more than on table spoon parmesan cheese. I enjoy plain pasta with philadelphia light.
3. Prawns
prawn boiled
 100g = 100 calories
A portion size = 180 calories
The humble prawn is too often dressed in fatty sauces like mayonnaise – think Asian spices instead and use soy, chilli, lime and coriander. Olive oil and lemon is a tasty Greek style alternative.
 4. Baked beans
baked beans heart
100g = 80 calories
A portion size = 170 calories
This store-cupboard essential is a great standby (though be wary of the sugar content). Great for jacket potatoes and on toast.
 5. Custard
custard banana
 100g = 100 calories
A portion size = 210 calories
If you fancy treating yourself, make some home-made custard and tuck in; just save on calories by pouring over fruit – stewed or fresh – instead of fruit pies. Tastes great with banana.
 6. Potato salad
potato salade
 100g = 115 calories
A portion size = 200 calories
Again, leave off on the salad cream and try a vinaigrette-based salad dressing and some fresh herbs – try mustard, balsamic vinegar, oil and some chopped chives. I love that!
 7. Chickpeas Hummus
chickpeas hummus
 100g = 115 calories
A portion size = 115 calories
A great way to bulk out dishes and extend meat – try using it in Moroccan casseroles or whizzing it in a food processor with garlic, tahini, lemon and olive oil to make hummus. Eat hummus with grilled chicken, it tastes amazing!
 8. Tuna, tinned in water
yum-plaa-tuna-grapong100g = 100 calories
A portion size = 100 calories
Great for salads and sarnies – try it in a salad niçoise with olives, tomatoes, Cos lettuce, spring onions, boiled eggs and green beans.
 9. Tofu
raw tofu 100g = 73 calories
A portion size = 90 calories
An acquired taste I have not acquired, but for dieting veggies it’s the healthiest way to get your protein fix.
 10. A glass of dry red or white wine
white wine glass
 An average glass (115ml) of dry red wine = 83 calories
An average glass (115ml) of white wine = 77 calories
It is so easy to forget that wine actually contains quite a few calories, and one glass too often leads to another and another. Try making one last longer by adding ice cubes. I don’t enjoy drinking alcohol but a white wine called Astrolabe from New Zealand I drank with my sister in London some how got me.. into the habit.

 Have a lovely Day!!!



  1. >these are great tips!
    i'm sure that you don't need to loose weight though because you are beautiful just the way you are 🙂

  2. >Ummm…story of my life, girl. Ahhh the holidays! Thank goodness that dressing black on black is acceptable!

    Cheers and thanks for stopping by my blog! xo

  3. >The holidays will do it to you…but I am sure you will get back into the shape of things soon enough 😉


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