How to Look Thinner? 7 Easy Styling Tricks

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Seven easy styling tricks that are guaranteed to make you look thinner. Editors know all about looking your best all the time… and looking good usually means looking slimmer too.

1. The Tiny Part of  a Shirt Tuck trick

7 Styling Tricks To Make You Look Thinner silk blouse

“I tuck only one tiny part of my shirt into my jeans,” says a former fashion editor. “So, with depth perception, it looks like I have a flat stomach—if that makes sense.”

I do that all the time and it works as long as the blouse is delicate. It works best with silk blouses or soft cotton ones.

2. The Oversized Knit Trick to look Thinner

How to Look Thinner?  7 Easy Styling Tricks

If you want your limbs to look leaner an easy styling trick is to wear an oversized knit. Swedish blogger Elin Kling, one editor’s instant slimmer is “a men’s sweater and leggings.”

However, note that this works better if your not a busty girl.

Trendsurvivor how to look thinner

3. A blazer that hits below the waist

How to Look Thinner?  7 Easy Styling Tricks

Stylish girl 101… is wearing a blazer. A tailored jacket adds sophistication to a casual look and it makes you seem slimmer.  A blazer that hits below the waist, jeans, and heels is the go-to editor’s style. A jacket with big, structured shoulders matched with a cropped slim pants is another option.

You can read Trend Posting The Blazer jacket- Key pieces and how to wear them to get inspired.

4. Heels make you look thinner

oversized-coats and high heels Olivia Palermo

Heels obviously make you look taller but also thinner. I am love high heels because they give me confidence and help me to carry myself a little better. Wear a pair of skinny jeans, an oversized coat and high heels like Olivia Palermo and it is guaranteed you will look slimmer.

5. The Silk Blouse

Equipment silk blouse

My favorite Equipment button down shirt is considered the Holy Grail of skinny dressing. You can see the outfit post here. The A loose-fitting top and a super slim pair of jeans usually works for most.
Shop Equipment button down shirt

6. A full skirt make you look thinner if…

full skirt make you thinner

A full skirt makes you look thinner if you have a tiny waist. It certainly flatters the pear shaped figures and the looseness is comfortable and more flattering on the legs, especially when you are wearing heels.

7. Tying a plaid shirt around your waist


Tying a plaid shirt around your waist helps direct the eye to the narrowness of your hips and looks cool. The ‘90s trend that’s back in action.

Tying a plaid shirt around your waist 3

Images- Pepsi Cola ad,,  Trend Survivor

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