How to get Beach-ready Skin? Three Easy Beauty Steps

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In today’s post you will find all the glamorous tips to make sure you have a beach-ready skin for that spur of the moment trip to the beach or the pool.

Although it may seem as easy as lathering up, a generous amount, of your favorite sunscreen, there are some additional steps that will further help you maintain the health and beauty of your ready to get tanned skin.

Here are three steps to ensure a beautiful tan and avoid a sunburn, peeling skin and dry hair along with some celebrity favorite summer protection products.

Keep your skin happy and healthy!

Step 1- Exfoliate for beach-ready skin

The most important step for a healthy glowing skin is to exfoliate properly. It lifts dead skin cells away allowing for new skin cells to generate. Also, it unclogs pores as well as increases circulation so your sunscreen and moisturizer will absorb quicker and deeper.

Even though, there are amazing exfoliating products like Kate Somerville Exfolikate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment which is great for sensitive skin as well as reduces pores and detoxifies with enzymes of pineapple and papaya that smell like heaven I used recently a homemade virgin olive oil exfoliating scrub. Doesn’t smell good… I warn you…

Instructions for homemade Olive Oil scrub:

In a bowl mix olive oil and white sugar. That’s it.

Instructions for Almond Oil scrub:

Use organic Almond Oil and mix it in a bowl with sugar and add your favorite essential oils.

Another celebrity favorite is the ALGENIST Multi-Perfecting Detoxifying Exfoliator

This treatment is oil-free and clay based with a dose of salicylic acid to give you an all over even skin tone. Not bad!!!

Step 2- Hair Regimen

Protecting your from the damages the sun can cause is important too. Who need blonde hair  turning green and your brunette getting brassy or fiery red fading?

An SPF filled shampoo and spray routine will help block the harmful chemicals of chlorine and the breakage and color altering power of UVA/UVB rays. Best products for hair include PHYTOPLAGE Protective Sun Oil

Useful tip to protect your hair in the swimming pool- by wetting your hair with clean water before going into the sun or pool, your hair will absorb the chlorine and sun rays slower.

Step 3- Lather Up for beach-ready skin

We all know sunscreen is a must. The SPF 60 La Roche-Posay Antheliosis Ultra Light-Weight sunscreen is considered one of the best by beauty specialists.

Get Beach-ready with Celebrity Favorite Products

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Have a lovely Day!!!


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