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Low messy bun hairstyle tutorial hair ideas easy how to

How to do the best low messy bun

5 easy steps to get a perfect low messy bun hairstyle in 5 minutes from Luke Hersheson, John Frieda’s UK creative director, plus a helpful video tutorial from The Small Things Blog.

Of all the hairstyles I have tried, the messy bun win hands down. It requires minimum effort, not necessarily freshly washed hair, and it somehow manages to look pulled together.

One of the quickest ways to style your hair, that looks good on any type of hair texture, thick, thin, curly or straight is the messy bun.

This year forget the top bun and say hello to the low messy bun.

Embrace the low messy, anytime of year, for a glamorous and stylish feel.

How to get the best low messy bun

low bun

low messy bun

perfect low messy bun

1. Use your hands and comb your hair back in to a low ponytail.

2. Add a little hairspray to your ponytail to give some extra bouncy texture.

3. Tease your ponytail a little with a comb or brush.

4. Wrap your hair around the base of the ponytail. When you have 3 inches of your ponytail in your left hand, split it in two different sections and give them a twist in opposite directions. Secure with bobby pins.

5. Pull some strands of hair around your face and neck.

Hope you will enjoy a new effortlessly cool everyday hairstyle.

Low Messy bun tutorial


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