How to buy this season Vercase on a budget?

Versace for H and M

Hi Girls! I love the Versace collection for H and M. My favorite item is the skirt and the jacket…not that I would mind the little black Versace dress…

Versace for H and M

Sweden Meets Italy
The Swedish fashion megastore has brought Versace’s signature Italian style to the masses with this collection and Donatella is doing both herself and her brand proud. The collection draws inspiration from classic Versace staples like micro studs in Greek Key patterns, black leather á la Gianni’s Bondage Couture, golden buttons, and the very exciting return of Versace prints.
While most of these styles are inspired by the grand couture of the 80s and 90s, the silhouettes and shapes are Donatella’s own. Skirts are shorter and flirtier and very evocative of the shapes shown during her Spring/Summer 2012 RTW Versace show inspired by the sea. These outfits are for a new generation of Versace girl.

Versace for H and M

This is the Versace for H&M collection. I definitely detect 1990’s nostalgia… Some prints remind me of original Gianni Versace designs! Rock, chic, glamorous and sexy for Autumn Winter 2011-2012. WOW!  As you can see the styles are dominated by prints and vivid colours, but there will also be a few simple black dresses in the collection. I also like the velvet bomber jacket from the mens collection but also the print of the tights/pants (3 different prints will be available).
The collection will be sold online and in 300 stores on Saturday November 17th. I hope Greece will be included!
Update 4.11.2011: I saw an ad, yesterday, Greece will be included.

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  1. >This collection is going to be amazing…Now I am just contemplating how to get my hands on a piece 😉


  2. >I find Versace so expensive so I don't have plans on buying such expensive stuff. Actually, am not looking for the brand/name of items but am after on the quality I can get from it. But anyway, I understand why it cost a lot?

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