How to be photogenic- It’s all about the Squinch!


I admit I watched season 7 and 8 of Australia’s Next Top Model while I was in London and I enjoyed every minute. Yes, I do like some reality shows. Alan Sugar from the apprentice UK and Hedi Klum from Project Runway are my favorite TV hosts.

Watching the show I realized, taking good pictures is not that easy even for the gorgeous looking contestants of Next Top Model. However, How to be photogenic is an art you can master.  So, even though I know all about Tyra’s Banks smize, smiling with your eyes and the body “touch” this video by Peter Hurley is fun, interesting and very useful. Living in the instagram, facebook, blogging era makes us want to try to look our best in photographs. Right?

I-D magazine/How to be photogenic- It's all about the Squinch!

Watch the video “It’s all about the Squinch” and learn how you can look good on camera…”Well, it mainly involves squinting ever so slightly so that you look confident and sexy” according to

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