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How To avoid Gaining Weight this Easter - TrendSurvivor

How To avoid Gaining Weight this Easter


Happy Easter my dear readers!

Be aware… Easter traditions can be fattening.

To avoid Easter weight gain you can follow these tips and make sure you will have your swimsuit body in shape.  Summer is closer than you think. I am planning to attend a rewardStyle event in Dallas, so I have to stay in shape. I will follow these 7 ways to stay thin during holiday season.

1. Don’t plan everything around food
Having a good time away from a table is possible!
2. Prefer homemade food.
3. Make sparkling water with lime your drink of choice as often as you can.
4. Make sure that you are getting a minimum of 30 minutes cardiovascular workout almost everyday. I found the batman workout  by Neila Rey inspired by Dark Knight movies. It is a full-body circuit built on a set of nine basic exercises you can read  here
5. Bring a healthy dish to a party so you have a healthy low calorie option.
6. Go dark… Do not eat those chocolate eggs…
Prefer dark chocolate it’s healthier and higher in antioxidants. Each 10g of chocolate has around 50-60 calories.
7. Easter is 1 day! Not 2 weeks in a row!

Easter calorie table

Have a lovely Day!!!


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