How to AVOID looking Older after 40 – 8 Tips you should know


avoid looking older


Even though, there are hundreds of articles on how to avoid looking fat, I feel there are much fewer on how to avoid looking older, especially after 40. Even if it’s vanity or the fact you actually don’t feel old on the inside, why would you want to portray an aged image to the world?

Here are 7 style errors that make you look older… AVOID them!

1. Small reading glasses – Avoid the small reading glasses and opt instead for a pair of glasses that is bigger. But really, you don’t need the little reading glasses perched on the end of her nose making you look like  Mister Geppetto.

poncho instead of cardigan

2. Classic cardigans – Even though oversized cardigans would look youthful with a pair of distressed jeans they will make you look older if you wear them with a skirt. Opt for a fringed poncho instead.

3. Comfort shoes – Avoid sensible shoes at any cost. Go for sneakers or stylish flats. Ugly shoes shoes are an option too.

4. Shimmering pearl nail polish- Go for darker colors they make your hand look younger.

5. Color shades that drain your color –  You will look instantly older if the color you are wearing washes you out. I know for me it’s some shades of yellow and green… I am sure you must have figured them out by now. No matter how good a dress suits you if the color is wrong… pass…

Olivia Palermo long wavy hair

6. Light colored eyebrows –  I am using REFECTOCIL Pure Black Cream Hair Dye and it makes a huge difference.  Have you been filling your eyebrows with the wrong color? Check Allure magazine for what hair color goes with what eyebrow pencil.

7. Outdated haircutShort chic bobs are hot, slightly waved if you ask me, looks fresh and youthful. Your hairstyle could actually take years off.  Anti-aging tip number one? Mess up your hair a little.

Can you pull off short hair? Do the test!

Simple Trick- Can Pull Off Short Hair?

Image- byrdie

Even thought there are exceptions to the rule, but long hair will be the more flattering choice if you are longer than 2.25 inches.

8. Sun Spots – Sun spots on your hands… yak …. Use instead of hand cream a moisturizer with sunscreen.


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