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7 Chic Easter Egg Decor Ideas- Last minute - TrendSurvivor

7 Chic Easter Egg Decor Ideas- Last minute

I love these minimal chic, easy to do, Easter Egg last minute decoration ideas. All you need is … Eggs and LOVE!

Note, you do not need to paint the eggs…

7 Chic Easter Easter Decor Ideas 

1… Napkin bunny

Bunny-Napkin Easter eggs decor

Instructions for folding a napkin with bunny ears.

Bunny ears instructions

2…Just glue a few gold beads

How easy is this?? For trendy chic Easter Eggs just glue some beads on hard boiled white eggs.

Chic Decorated-easter-egg

3… Use Eggs shells as vases

Choose tiny white flowers to create this one.

easter egg decor ideas

4….Cut-out bunnies


5…Plant inside beige egg shells

Use the egg shells as tiny pots and plant flowers. Place them in a special tray with candles.

Easter-decoration table

6…Raffia teeny tiny eggs

Choose shades of white and grey this Easter.


7…Place grass under the eggs


Easter Gift Marble Eggs // Egg vases // Easter bunny server

Ceramic egg crate // Bunny Gold white Towels // Faberge silver pendant //

Faberge blue Egg Museum piece // Faberge plate


Have a lovely Day and thank you so much for reading!!!

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  1. I”mhappy you took a detour and went down the dark path because it led to this gorgeous table. My eyes immediately went to the beautiful napkins and I love the napkin rings as well. The macrame runner adds a little boho vibe and it all works well. Beautiful styling and happy hopping!

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