Horse prints in home décor

Horse prints in home décor

Home décor is a hugely personal choice. Every time we desire to make a change to our home, whether it’s a huge, elaborate change or something as small as changing a rug, we still have big decisions to make. Do we want to convey a message with the change? Do we want to maintain our current status quo? Or is it time to mix it up a little? Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Well this year, according to the traditional Chinese calendar, is the year of the horse. That gives all horse lovers the perfect excuse to go to town on their house and give it that horsey makeover that they’ve always dreamed about. If anyone questions you, you can respectfully inform them that it’s the year of the horse, that it’s good luck for your family – and, just for good measure, that you simply love horses! Here are some ways to fit in some stylish horse-themed décor to your house.

Horse print wallpaper


horse wallpaper

We all need a change from time to time, and while the TV might get upgraded every few years, too many of us ignore one of the most basic items of renovation – the wallpaper. If we’re honest with ourselves, that paper has been there too long. So now it’s time for a change, and what better way to change than to include your favorite animal – the horse?



cow hide rug

Rugs can come and go, so this is one of the easiest things to change about our house, especially if we are feeling whimsical. March straight into the living room, throw that moth-ridden old rug out and replace it with a horse-themed rug just in time for the year of the horse.


horse inspired pillows

A more discreet way of displaying your love for horse décor is by adding new covers to the cushions on your sofa. These could be homemade, or from a local store, but all it involves is putting them on your existing cushions – and wham, it’s done.




A quick nail in the wall, a trip to the local art gallery (or simply print something from the internet) and hang up a beautiful picture of your favorite breed of horse. Within minutes the year of the horse is fully represented with pride of place on your wall.

Horse Lamp by the Swedish design group Front2

Horse Lamp by the Swedish design group Front


bedroom horse

While it is possible to adorn every nook and cranny of your house with various horse images, be sure not to forget the kids’ room. All kids love horses, so this room deserves some extra horse love! Their bedroom décor could be themed specifically around horses, which is certainly a dream come true for many little girls, meaning that they will be able to lounge about on their sofa bed and daydream about My Little Pony, surrounded by pictures of their favorite horses.


Images-, Elle deco

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  1. Love this post, I love horses and according to chinese horoscope I’m a horse and my favorite home decor piece is the Horse Lamp by Front. Now that is a very impressive lamp which I definitely put in my house! Great ideas, great post!

    1. Thank you! The horse lamp is the one piece that I would love to add in my home, too. So surreal!!!

  2. I really love this post. I never really thought of horses as a theme for home decor but you provide a nice array of inspiration. I am particularly fond of the horse printed wallpaper(s), what a fun way to decorate. To the Year of the Horse (Ma in Chinese)! xo – Elaine

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