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Boho chic pillows with fringes are so super cool. Press refresh to your home and place them indoors or outdoors depending on the style of your decor.

Check out some creative ideas for your next home decor project with a fringe trim and refresh your home decor.


Fringes in Home Decoration


Fringes, pom poms and tassels are everywhere you go and home decoration will not be far behind.

However, the fringe has a long history of being used in decorative arts adorning European palaces, homes and garment dating as far back as ancient times.

From bags, to skirts to shoes the fringes have officially taken over.

Now is the time to take this latest style off the runway and effortlessly incorporate a few  boho chic pillows in any room of your home or even your patio.

If you are in the mood to create something by youself, I loved the DIY project How to make a fringed pillow from a table runner? from Target.

If you are more in a shopping kind of mood,  I was looking for stylish cushions with fringes I found the coolest tasseled pillows on the Anthropologie website.

Also, have a look below at the geometric-patterned baskets that are were handwoven by skilled Indian artisans whose technique has been certified by the non-profit organization Craftmark.


Boho Chic Pillows

Home decoration with fringes and tassels pompons

Home decoration with fringed pillows


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