Home Decor DIY- A Marimekko Textile Painting

Marimekko Painting DIY

When I was in London with my sister Yanna, I saw at the Marimekko store an amazing textile painting on the wall of the store. I was so impressed by the serene beauty I just wanted to get it for my home, even though I had no idea where I would use it. Apparently, it was an easy DIY.

I love the rich and bold patterns that reference the brand’s finnish origins and I always enjoy browsing their products. I soon realized that the amazing painting I admired, was made from a piece of textile from the company’s autumn 2013 collection ‘weather diary’ designed by Finnish artist Aino-maijo Mestola. It was a super easy home decor DIY.

I live on an island and I love how the weather often feels much more powerful and interesting by the sea. Therefore this scenery has an important role in the weather diary collection. I wanted to design the prints so that each one represents a different kind of atmosphere, but when the pieces are combined they form an interesting whole.‘ said Aino-maija Mestola to designboom.com

marimekko booth installation at habitare 2013, helsinki
Marimekko booth installation at Habitare 2013, Helsinki

You will need:

1. 1.5 meters of the marimekko textile

2. a plain canvas from an Art supplies store

3.  a staple gun

Marimekko landscape

blank canvas

staple gun


Start stapling one side and then staple the opposite side. Work on the other two sides after. I washed the material first in cold water.

Home Decor DIY- A Marimekko Textile Painting

I used my Marimekko painting DIY, in Niki’s ex bedroom and it looks amazing with the Japanese girl decorative pillow from Zara home.

Home Decor DIY- A Marimekko Textile Painting , Zara Japanese girl pillow

Marimekko painting

Images- designboom.com, me

Have a lovely Day!!!


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    1. It looks perfect!!! I washed the fabric first and it shrank a bit… make sure you measure it after you you have washed it.

  1. I absolutely love Marimekko’s prints and patterns and I love a good DIY! This is a great way to get a large piece of art without breaking the bank. It really does have a calm serene feeling to it, thanks for the tip! xo-Elaine

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