Home Decor Clever Ideas to make a stylish entrance

Make your entrance stylish and functional using some clever home decoration ideas. Check out how to style your entryway because you know what they say about first impressions….


stylish entrance

A perfect combination of styles and objects. Even though they are so different from each other they create a perfectly balanced shabby chic decor.


Invest in stylish storage and use it as a decor in your entrance. Let the chaos live on the inside but appear chic on the outside.


Morten Bo Jensen’s house fits their lifestyle and needs. He said that “function and efficiency must be the starting point, both in the architecture, the interior and in the location”.

stylish foyer decor

An old dresser suddenly became sophisticated enough for this foyer after designer Michael Berman had it lacquered in ecru.


Sometimes, all you need in an entryway is a bench and a mirror.

glamorous entryway

A vintage mirror hangs over a custom console in the entry of a Los Angeles home designed by Betsy Burnham. Love that instead of runners, Burnham “carpeted” the entry with inlaid mosaic stones by Country Floors.


Have a lovely Day!!!

Images : Studio Oink, myscandinavianhome.com, roombysophie.com

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