H&M Conscious- A clever Marketing Strategy

H&M Conscious- A clever Marketing Strategy-0000

Isn’t it amazing how H&M always creates such a buzz around their brand name. Having a masters degree in Marketing, I am obsessed with genius marketing and branding strategies!

They are constantly in the news for some exciting reason. A strong brand created by a successful branding agency. You might think I am coveting everything H&M creates! But, the truth is the Marni collection was amazing and I am wearing everything single garment I got again and again. Plus, their collaboration with Maison Martin Margiela helped me add some avant garde pieces in my wardrobe in a fast fashion price tag. This time it was the Conscious and the Conscious Exclusive Collection campaigns which influenced my purchases. It is my favorite marketing campaign because they convinced me they work for a more sustainable fashion future which is something I care about. It is an approach to managing their business based on the vision that all their operations should be run in a way that is economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. Hennes & Mauritz celebrated the launch of its second Conscious Exclusive collection with cool fashionable parties which was all over the fashion blogs too.

H&M strategy

H&M Conscious- A clever Marketing Strategy-0007
Vanessa Paradis for H&M
H&M Conscious- A clever Marketing Strategy-0008
Vanessa Paradis 2013
H&M Conscious- A clever Marketing Strategy-0003
Conscious Collection Campaign Photographed by Terry Richardson
H&M Conscious- A clever Marketing Strategy-0001
Laura Palm
H&M Conscious- A clever Marketing Strategy-0002
Laura Palm
Vanessa Paradis
Vanessa Paradis

Are you affected by brand messaging? Does it change your behaviour? I know that when I got my new white suit from the Exclusive Conscious collection I felt it was an ecological, ethical decision…:) That is what I call clever branding…

Images- Fashionologie, H&M

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  1. You are so right. A good marketing strategy encourages you to try new things and do things subconsciously. I used to be more influenced by marketing strategies when I was younger, but I find I’m more cynical about it now. For instance I sit and I think: do H&M really care about ecological and ethical issues and corporate social responsibility, or is it just a way to boost profits? Either way, if I like something I will most likely buy it and if there is some benefit to it, it’ a bonus. It’s nice that they have used an alternative marketing strategy rather than focusing specifically on celebrity endorsement though.

    I haven’t seen this collection yet, so I will have a peek at the weekend!


    1. I agree and even if their motives are profit and publicity they are doing something good.

  2. I also got myself some goodies from their Exclusive Conscious Collection, can’t wait to get them and you are totally right about marketing branding, so important and also great to be re-using material 😉

    1. It is amazing how Zara and H&M, number one and two in fast fashion, have so completely different marketing strategies!

  3. I, too, have a marketing degree and I think of most campaigns in terms of marketing strategies. I think the great part about H&M’s collaborations with designers are the hype it creates on the internet, especially the blogging world. I always think these collaborations are a genius idea to elevate their brand.

    I actually didn’t know about the CC since our H&M only has the shitty stuff 🙁


    1. It is so interesting to think the concept beyond the pretty pictures… I live in the Northern suburbs of Athens and the good stuff is downtown 🙂 and when I am in La Jolla I don’t get to see the good stuff either 🙂
      They have the CC collection on line but I believe sizes run small to size.

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