Haris Ghertsos- Charismatic Xaris Art Lingerie Drawings

greybrHaris Ghertsos- Charismatic Xaris Art

A young talented artist, Haris Ghertsos draws the cutest lingerie paintings collection you have ever seen. She draws her works of art using Favourite media watercolor and adds real ribbons, bows and buttons.  Haris studied arts at Middlebury college in the US. After graduation she worked at a gallery in Madrid but then decided to return to live in Athens. She did a costume and set design course at Vakalo school which she really enjoyed and since February of 2012 is following her biggest passion which is painting! She has done two group exhibitions.

Trendsurvivor- Xari Art Haris Ghertsos-0000

Why lingerie? I asked her. “The idea of lingerie really just accidentally happened when one day I decided to design underwear by using my own underwear as models at first but then as time passed I started creating my own designs! Decided to also enrich the designs with real ornaments to make them more playful and interesting to look at. I paint both men and womens and would soon like to start creating watercolor bathing-suits.”

Her plans for the future include creating more designs and organizing more exhibitions!”

Xaris Art Collage

Haris Ghertsos- Charismatic Xaris Art 2

Xaris Art

Haris Ghertsos- Charismatic Xaris Art purple bra

Haris Ghertsos- Charismatic Xaris Art purple

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