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Happy Valentines my dear Readers - TrendSurvivor

Happy Valentines my dear Readers

Lips Love heart lipstick

Happy Valentines my dear readers. I Love You!!!! All year I have this file on my desktop in which I add inspiring Valentine images for my 2014 Love post. If you want to see my Valentine 2013, 2012, 2011 just click on the years.

I made a Valentines wish-list on Pinterest@trendSurvivor  but I will post later today a total red outfit I wish I was wearing today if AF was here in La Jolla…

Angelina Jolie heart Island

You can read here about Angelina Jolie and her heart island

lego love

heart pill red lips

I love you owl

heart people

heartSnoopy Love

stone diy love

birds love

heart heels

heart keith haring

eyeliner love eyeThis is my boy Ninja… unconditional love…

Ninja black Cat love

Have a lovely Day!!!

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  1. My favorite is the little owl and I can’t ignore the picture with your charming cat Ninja (that’s what I call cat love all the way!). I send love back to you with my wishes of a Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

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