Happy Mother’s Day 2014- Memories

Mother's Day 2014 Niki Papaioannou young

Happy Mother’s Day 2014, my dear readers with a few photos of my mother. I always talk about how I update her vintage clothes and I haven’t showed you how she looked wearing them, when she was young.

Well, her name is Niki (yes, like her granddaughter Niki).

She always believed less is more and loved quality over quantity. Lucky me!

Elegance is a gene and she has it.

Having a stunning face and a thin figure, helps too!

Niki Papaioannou

Roberta di Camerino dress Niki Papaioannou

Mother scarf Niki Papaioannou

Happy Mother's day white tylipd card

Photos © NGP

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. Beauty runs in the family, all the ladies are really pretty, Niki, Nina and Niki again! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Thanks for sharing your photos, I must say you where a cute little bundle of joy! Eva:):):)

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