Halloween Project- Carnival Inspiration

La Perla Halloween Inspiration Book, Halloween Project- Carnival Inspiration

I am always ready for a challenge, the ifb halloween project is so not me. I am not a halloween person but I love carnival inspired looks. Whenever I feel the need to dress up and wear something crazy, I do it in my everyday life.

I just bought yesterday at Rakas Fashion Bazaar the most amazing Isabel Marant oversized quilted silver bomber jacket that is perfect for a Carnaval Outfit. It’s brocade, shining and shimmering silver, with a texture like aluminum foil. Crazy?! Huh? Well, I plan to wear it with my little black dress and booties at night. During the day, I will wear it with a pair of black cropped skinny pants and my high heel stiletto spiked Prada silver shoes. Anyway, costumes parties and halloween spirit are cool, even though it takes me a while to recognize my friends and start having fun. I usually wear a little black mini dress and I add something special or I do crazy makeup. I will wear a lace ribbon over my eyes which looks mysteriously sexy-chic. I am inspired by the images in the La Perla coffee table book- Lingerie and Desire by Isabella Cardinali.  I never, never wear hilarious costumes but I admire people who do 🙂

Isabel Marant silver brocade jacket Collage

My new space bomber jacket by Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant Jacket Prada shoes Collage

Kate Moss Sexy carnival

Kate Moss by Mario Testino

la-perla-rizzoli-book lace

Image- La Perla: Lingerie and Desire by Isabella Cardinali. This title will be released on October 30, 2012. However, you can pre-order using the following link.

La Perla: Lingerie and Desire 

spooky nails and lace  Collage

I could easily do spooky nails with my outfit but that is as far as I will go..

More amazing, crazy carnival ideas and halloween costumes,  here

Have a lovely Day!!!


    1. It’s a bit like a … space Carnival suit but I think I will be able to pull it off…

    1. Yeah! it is so cool, however, I wish I was in Australia now, wearing shorts!!!

  1. Kate Moss is looking stunning so this would be a nice ideea for my gf, to be kate moss for halloween : )) joking, not a fan of halloween, but still a fan of Kate Moss

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