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How about creating a spooky Halloween Lips Makeup for this year’s Halloween costume? I love the designs by Spanish makeup artist and photographer Eva Senín Pernas.

She makes it look easy.

However, if I would have to pick one from her Halloween lips makeup ideas… I would try the silver lips with the black spider on my mouth.

Add a black dress and “voila” … ready to party…

On the other hand just painting your lips green looks creepy too…



Eva Senín Pernas Halloween Lips

Halloween lips makeup light green

Halloween lips makeup spooky tutorial black with mauve

Black with mauve Halloween lips makeup tutorial

Pop art lips Halloween makeup

Pop Art Lips the artistic Halloween makeup option

Artistic Halloween lips

Creepy Halloween Makeup Lips | Eva Pernas00

Halloween pumpkin lips


gothic makeup with bla

If everything else fails, a chic black and mauve Gothic look is always a stylish kind of spooky option!




Have a lovely Day!!!


Images- BoredPanda.com and Pinterest


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