Hairstyle Inspiration Top 30 Lob and Bob Haircuts

The top 30 lob and bod haircuts inspiration you need to see before you go for the universally flattering on all hair types chop! What is a lob haircut? A somewhat longer version of the bob.

Took me a while but I am flirting with the idea of getting a new short haircut.

Not really short.

I am thinking more of a the long bobs hairstyle like Kendal Jenner’s and Cara Delevigne’s.

Before making any drastic decisions, I have collected the most stylish lob and bob hairstyles I found on the web.

Have a look at what inspired me most.

They are the go-to summertime cuts.

Decidedly low-maintenance, relying on nothing more than a spritz or two of texturizing spray.

Are you ready to take the plunge and go for the chop?


Chicest Celebrity Lob and Bod Haircuts


Not too short, not too lengthy, the long bob is still Hollywood’s cut of choice. From January Jones’s side-swept waves to Beyoncé’s beach-y ombré, these lobs are so chic they ensure the cropped trend will keep on keeping on.


celebrity bobs and lobs

Blonde celebrity bob haircuts

celebrity bobs and lobs

Kendall Jenner revealed that it was supermodel Christy Turlington’s ’90s lob that inspired her to chop her locks.

This cut is blunt and uniform with no layers.

Kendall Jenner lob Christy Turlington 90s


Lob haircut secrets




Thin hair : When you have fine or thin hair, a lot of layers are not recommended because they tend to make the hair look unhealthy. When you’re getting a long bob though, a few long soft layers work well with fine hair.

Lob for your face shape : If you have a square face, a long layered bob that frames the face is ideal but if you have an oval face shape then a long bob with some bold bangs is a great option.

Center or Side part? A center part is much more versatile for your new cut. However, if the cut is done right for your face shape, you could even rock the center or side part from time to time. Perhaps when you add those perfect beach waves.


Have a lovely Day!!!

Images- Harpers Bazaar, Byrdie

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