Hairstyle Ideas // All about Braids

All about braids … just to show to your hairstylist… because some braids are best left to the pros.

My hairdresser loves doing braids and we have tried a few.

They are perfect for summer …


summer-hairstyles braids

all types of hair braidsbraids illustratio hairhow to do braids illustration


Braid Tips


They’re better on dirty hair.

Use hair extensions. Most of the time, celebrities have extensions in their beautiful braids.

If you want a “messy” braid, wait until you finish braiding to mess it back up.

For layered hair, use a light hairspray before braiding.

For your braid to last longer, create a tighter braid style like a fishtail.

braids guide
French and Dutch braid tutorial


hair rings braids

Love the hair rings. You can find them here and here. 

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