Hair Trends | Top 20 Upgraded Ponytail Ideas to keep Cool

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I urgently need stylish upgraded ponytail ideas. The warmer temperatures in Greece are extending the tourist season deeper into fall which is good but I can almost not bear to have my hair down in this heat!

I found amazing and easy ponytails to make your hair look super stylish!

Some of the top 20 upgraded ponytail hairstyles involve hair teasing while others an interesting twist to an otherwise boring ponytail.

These exciting ponytails range from casual to formal.

My new love is the high ponytail!

If you plan to embrace it like Delevingne and Alba go for the models at Stine Ladefoged’s show hairstyle, during Copenhagen fashion week. It’s the modern version of the high ponytail.

Enjoy a comprehensive hairstyle guide to stylish ponytails!

Keep it UP and keep it COOL!

Catrin Deneuve hairstyle

Catherine Deneuve ponytail hairstyle

retro chic easy updo

Nicole Kidman updo hairstyle

Nicole Kidman trendy hairstyle

long hair

Cara-Delevingne-or-Jessica-Alba-Jennifer-Lopez celebrity hairstyle

Celebrity hairstyle – Cara Delevingne, Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba


Outside Stine Ladefoged’s | show model hairstyle during Copenhagen fashion week.

Can you blame me? I am looking at the new season style black leather jackets. (The leather jacket with the Tiger in the back is on sale at Asos)

Barney Martin told Vogue Australia that the most versatile hair product every woman should own is:

“A good hair brush. Brushing your hair regularly will help cleanse your hair, eliminating waste and other impurities that tend to stick to the scalp. I like the Mason Pearson hairbrush – this miracle brush detangles, stimulates scalp circulation and helps keep hair nice and shiny.”

extra long hair Chanel bag


fashion show hairstyle

Fashion show hair inspiration

street style hair inspiration

Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo ponytail

Fashion show hairstyle

1960s inspired hair Miranda Ker

1960s inspired hair Miranda Kerr

hair long

hair back


wet look back

The wet look ponytail above is what I do more often with my hair, to be honest…

The versatile hair products every woman should own according to famous stylists are:

Photos ©,, Getty Soren Jepsen, Fab Fashion Fix

Have a lovely Day!!!


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  1. These are great pony tail inspiration pics. I often find it hard to style the front part, as in getting the volume just right. I am loving the style Miranda Kerr has with the front bump! xo-Elaine

  2. This is exactly the inspiration post we needed. It’s been 90 degrees here all week and we’re dieing a little bit. Nothing a simple ponytail can’t fix. Thanks love and happy weekend xx

  3. This post is exactly what I needed. These last few days in NY have been ridiculously hot! I really love the simplicity of JLo and Olivia Palermo ponytails! I think I’ll give those a try. Great post!


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