HAIR TRENDS- Celebrity Favorite…THE TOP KNOT

Cara Delevingne

Trendy Celebrity favorite hairstyle, the top knot is a cool festive up do! Whenever my hair is not behaving as it should, I tie it up in a top knot bun.

I first saw this hairstyle on Suzie Lau (Style Bubble) and I thought it was cool. Since then celebrities, models and bloggers are embracing the top knot style for all types of occasions.

Harpers Bazaar’s September issue featured an article about the rise of the “fun bun”.  I love this effortless, chic look. The instructions are really easy to follow and there’s no perfect formula for the top knot bun.

Check out my favorite celebrities wearing this trendy up do for more inspiration. Are you ready for Christmas? On the 24th of December,  I will post 7 Christmas party outfit styling tips for some last minute advice.

Top knot hairstyle trend


Nicole Richie Top knot
Nicole Richie Top knot
Suzie lau, Style Bubble
Suzie Lau, Style Bubble
Sex and the City- Sara Jessica Parker
Sex and the City- Sara Jessica Parker
Miranda Kerr


Top knot hair style how to

The top knot, or messy bun, is a great hair style is quick and easy to acheive!
1. Massage your favorite hair product into your hair.
2. Twist hair and hold it up vertically.  Secure with an elastic hair band.
3. Wrap your hair around itself to create the bun.
4. Using bobby pins, secure the bun into place.
5. Throw some hair spray.

top knot with hair clip

Add a hair clip for a glam effect.

glamorous party top knot hairstyle
Christian Lacroix

Top knot buns are modern and playful and I am wearing one in my next outfit post. Stay tuned…

Have a lovely Day!!!



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