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Hair Highlight Trends - TrendSurvivor

Hair Highlight Trends

I am so bored of my hair-color… I need a change! Maybe it’s because I am attending London Fashion Week (hurray) in a few days and I am taking a closer look at myself.

Dying my roots over and over again has made my hair too sandre greenish. I need a golden glow, asap. But should I get ombre? Should I go for 2 color highlights? Or just go blonder…

I know that professionally performed ombre makes the ends really appear thicker and the rest of the hair more dimensional as a result the eyes look brighter, the skin younger and fresher. Count me in…

Cool hair Ombre highlights SS2015

The 2015 ombre highlight trends appear more natural. Adding hair color two tones lighter than your hair will give that effect. Go on have a look, tell me which is your favorite…. I will show you the picture I sent to my hairdresser …

Dark brown with light brown with golden highlights

Highlights Ombre 2015

Love Sara Jessica Parker’s hair and how you can turn dark brown into light brown ombre with sunny golden highlights.

Ombre highlight technique

Dark brown with ombre highlights

Almost natural effect, stylish and on-trend.

Highlights Ombre 2015

Reverse Ombre

Reverse Ombre

By using reverse ombre you get to keep a lighter shade near your face and fade into quite dark brown.

Golden Glow Highlights


Jourdan Dunn golden highlights

Elena Perminova highlights short bob hair

Elena Perminova highlights and bob hair

long hair blonde highlights ombre color

Totally in love with the above but the image I showed my hairdresser is Cara Delevigne’s below.

hahaha aiming high….

Cara Delevingne highlights SS2015 hair



Thank you for reading!!!

Have a lovely Day!!!

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