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H & M : MAKE OUT FOR A CAUSE - TrendSurvivor


Hi Girls !!! Following Miranda’s advice, the stylish girl behind The Chic Sheet, I will support H&M and Fashion for a Cause. Make out for a cause!!!  How cool is this brand?? I am in love with H & M this season!!! Making clothes and donating a part of the price to a cause has been done but getting us all involved with posting pictures of making out is really innovative!!! The designs of the collection have ethnic influences which is so trendy …


H and M support aids campaign




You can find the jacket and the shorts here.

I love the fashion against aids campaign and the video is so sexy and stylish!!!

All donations will go to four organizations, the United Nations Population Fund, MTV Staying Alive Foundation, Youth AIDS, and the Designers Against AIDS organization. You can either make a purchase of one of the pieces from the H&M collection or simply uploading a picture to their website everything counts…

Have a lovely Day!!!




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    1. Genius marketing strategy!!! Had to go downtown Athens to support the cause by purchasing the amazing jeans shorts… The collection was really cute… At the end I even bought the Band-Aids!!!

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