A guide to Facial Hair Removal



Nobody likes to talk about excess facial hair, but hair removal is something many women think about a lot.

Whether caused by a medical condition, genetic factors or merely the passing of years, too much hair on the face can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment for many women.

Today there are several popular hair removal techniques ranging from super-modern to the more traditional – all giving varying results.


Laser hair removal


A guide to facial hair rem


Laser hair removal has taken off as the number one choice for permanently zapping unwanted facial hair. For areas such as the upper lip and chin, laser therapy is ideal. Reviews of laser hair removal treatments highlight the positive effects it can have on how women feel about their appearance.

This relatively painless procedure requires at least six treatments to work completely, and results can often be seen from the first session. A period of between four to eight weeks between sessions is necessary for optimum results. Afterward avoid hot baths, steamy atmospheres, strongly perfumed products and sun exposure. Sometimes minor swelling or redness may occur but this is only temporary and can be soothed with a cool compress.



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Similar to laser treatment, Intense Pulsed Light therapy uses light waves to knock out the hairs at the follicle. With around six to ten treatments required for success and intervals in between of one to three months, this   non invasive, pain free technique has many fans. It is essential to avoid the sun prior to treatment as exposure to UV rays affects results. Afterward avoid sun exposure, hot baths and saunas, strong perfumes and chlorinated swimming pools.


A guide to facial hair removal waxing

This involves applying warm wax to the desired hairs, then pressing strips of cloth on to the area that are then quickly removed – taking the hairs with them. This simple method has no side effects and removes the hair at the root, so it can be two to six weeks before regrowth appears. Waxing facial hair has been popular for years as a cheap DIY or beauty salon option.


A guide to facial hair removal elecrolysis

This delivers an electric current into the hair follicle, effectively ‘killing’ it. A skilled electrolysis operative uses a sterile needle inserted individually into each follicle; it can be a slow process but is very effective. With permanent results after a few sessions, this method often has better results on removing fair hairs. After treatment refrain from using make up, moisturizer or anything perfumed on the affected area.


A guide to facial hair removal threading

A totally natural method of hair removal called threading has been carried out for thousands of years and originated in the Middle East. The technique is quite difficult and practitioners are very skilled in guiding the cotton threads into knots that pull the hair out at the root. This quick and painless method is very popular, it works well on short hairs and like waxing it takes two to six weeks before regrowth appears. As a totally natural method using no heat or chemicals, aftercare is minimal.

The problem of facial hair can be solved using any one of these methods, all with varying degrees of permanence. Don’t let a few extra hairs sap self confidence, book an appointment at the beauty salon to discuss the many ways they can help.

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  1. Brilliant post and something we all tend to have to cope with to some degree but it is rather a hush hush topic. Being female requires so much work! I’ve started getting some laser and it is well worth it.

    x Mandi

    1. Being female requires so much work I totally agree. They should make a pill….

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