GREEN IS… How I see the world around my HOME

Ray-Ban Aviator green

Even though it is not rare for me to turn the camera on the world around me, especially when I travel, for this- Show Us How You #seetheworld- ifb project #71 with Lookmatic,  a cool online eyewear retailer, I decided to show you what I see where I live… most of the year. My house in the northern suburbs of Athens, in Greece and I am surrounded by all shades of green trees. As much as I love  cosmopolitan city lifestyle… Los Angeles, New York and London are my top three imaginary hometowns, I could never live without a garden and my pets. I have a dog named Oliver and two cats Ninja and Jaslin. Also, two giant turtles and a baby turtle named Remi according to my nephew’s Nikolas suggestion. So, here is my world around many of my outfit posts.

Green garden collage outfits


I chose from Lookmatic the pair of sunglasses that best portrays how I see and feel about the world around me. Don’t you think the KITTY-HORN sunglasses, with the modernized 1960’s cat eye frame designed by Jessie Randall (Creative Director, for Loeffler Randal a leather accessories brand) combine nature and city lifestyle? Well, I do and if I win this competition this is what I would like. 🙂

“The cat eye shape is something I love because it is very flattering and inherently fun, chic and elegant.” says a Lookmatic executive. Well, these are words out of my mind….

Have a lovely Day!!!



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