All Eyes on Ellie’s Sakellis Otrera Greek Scarves

All Eyes on Ellie's Sakellis Greek Scarves

I recently read about Ellie Sakellis scarves, in Gregory Pappas blog, “One Greek American’s lucky break into the fashion world”. I am a fan of Gregory Pappas since I met him three years ago at the Getty Villa, in Los Angeles and I always follow his posts even though he rarely talks about fashion. Anyway, Elle Sakellis gave up a promising future in investment banking to venture into the unknown territory of fashion and entrepreneurship. She named her brand, Otrera, after an ancient Greek warrior goddess and her product line includes a variety of amazing “good luck” scarves. Ellie explains to Kathy Tzilivakis  how her line of scarves took off:  “I had a friend who was working at Elle magazine who loved it and she ran it. This is was what did it. Within a week, I had scores of department stores calling. This thing ended up becoming such a hot, hot item of the season. Celebrities started wearing my scarves. When Paris Hilton wore one of my scarves, we were picked up by about 200 stores in just a few months. We had a lot of press and a lot of people really digging it.” . (You can read the complete interview here).

Elle Sakellis designer of Otrera scarves
Elle Sakellis designer of Otrera scarves

Elli Sakellis scarves


Scarves by Ellie Sakellis

You can find here


Otrera Scarves


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