Greek Fashion AdT : The curious case of…. Katerina Karagianni

 Ivory Silk long Grecian dress AdT

Born in Greece, raised in Munich and currently living in Frankurt Katerina Kariagianni studied law and worked for Deutche Bank before creating the collection AdT (Ardinoe de Thrace). AdT, the initials of the first empress of Thrace and Asia Minor Arsinoe du Thrace, consists of 10 ancient Greek inspired dresses, 5 pants and 5 shorts designed by a Greek designer Katia Asatidou. In an effort to promote Greece she uses high quality silk from Soufli and produces her designs in Alexandroupoli. The fashion show will take place on the 24th of June, in in the sanctuary of Samothrace, which is embedded in the ancient ruins. The holy city will serve as the scene for the first fashion show since 385 b.c. That will be impressive…

AdT Beige silk dress

AdT Collection Silk yellow short dress

AdT blue silk dress

You can read more here.

Antonis Kekidakis Photography

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