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Gorjanas Taner necklace - Niki Trendsurvivor

Niki just added the Gorjana Taner necklace to her diamond cross she almost never takes off. She is trying to convince me to give it to her…. however, for the time being we will share…

I took some photographs of her as she was trying on a staples dress for an upcoming wedding invitation. She looks pretty cool!

Gorjanas Taner necklace- Niki Svolou

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Gorjanas Taner necklace 1


Niki’s summer ideal wedding outfit

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Niki’s Summer Wedding Outfit

Strapless bandeau Black Dress (Yes, you can wear black to a wedding as long as you are not the mother or sister of the bride :))

By far the coolest looking shoes this season, the Isabel Marant Milla ankle boots

If you are adventurous, mixing gold with white gold or silver will add a new exciting dimension to your look. Stay tuned I will show you how I wore Gorjana Taner necklace next…

PS. The new collaboration Courtney loves Gorjana jewelry has some amazing pieces for layering.

Niki’s favorite are the Fancy Horn Long Necklace and the Fancy Horn Earrings

Photos © me

Have a lovely Day!!!


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