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Gorgeous fresh hairstyle ideas - TrendSurvivor

Gorgeous fresh hairstyle ideas

6 gorgeous easy trendy hairstyle ideas for a fresh new year start.

Check out my favorite party and everyday hairstyle inspirations from the runways to the red carpet.

Twist pony tail

twist ponytail

Try the twist ponytail if you have long enough hair.  Unfussy, not-trying-too-hard hairdo by Jennifer Lawrence, with subtle volume at the crown and a loose, looped knot at the nape of the neck.

Pin It

hair trends pins

Get a posh upgrade with a few sparkly bobby pins, as seen at Erdem’s fashion show.

Miniature bun

kendal jenner baby bun

I love the half-up hair because you only need to worry about the bottom. Secure the top center section of your crown into a baby bun, then take a curling rod to the rest. Kendall Jenner’s effortless hairstyle works for day and night.

Flat iron

straigth hair

Go for “It Girl” attitude. Bella and Gigi Hadid wear their hair center-parted pin straight. Use a flat iron to achieve this look.

Extra low wrap

low ponytail

Wrap a low ponytail with an on-trend velvet rope, as seen at the Suno fashion show and get the coolest and easiest party style ever.

Stylish hair accessories

hair accesories heart

Easily style your hair by just wearing hair accessories.

heart hair accessory // silver hair cuff

extraordinary handmade bridal headband // green quartz hair slide // Missoni headband


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