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GIVEAWAY ON IT'S WAY - TrendSurvivor


Giveaway Hint 1- It’s EDGY!

I am thrilled today because my new giveaway is on it’s way. I was working on it last week and I will announce it officially tomorrow, on my birthday. However, I will give you four hints!  It is edgy, cozy, grey and warm! I teamed up with Crash & Burn, a Los Angeles, California based cool clothing company that makes amazing rock inspired clothes. They have a distinctive aesthetic that reflects a love for rock-n-roll, tattoos, and art nouveau. It started by a collective of creative minds that share the same passion for music, art, and fashion; the line is crafted on basic but specific principles: clean lines, edgy designs, and high quality fabrics. It was hard to choose just one but I have found my “IT” favorite item of the whole collection that I believe is the absolute must have for this season! Can you guess?

Giveaway Hint 2- It’s COZY!

Mark Segal fashion photography
Giveaway Hint 3- It’s GREY!

Image: Blonde Salad more here

Giveaway Hint 4- It’s WARM

Until tomorrow…


Have a lovely Day!!!


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