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Fringe Hairstyle | Haircuts with bangs to try now

Fringe Hairstyle | Haircuts with bangs to try now

The best haircuts with bangs come in all shapes and lengths. See my favorite celebrity red-carpet and street style haircuts that could take your hair to the next level!

Are you ready for a fresh hair start?

These haircuts will make you want bangs.

Fringes are back everywhere in a big way this season. Whether you have curly, wavy, or straight hair, there’s flattering fringe that will work for you.

Check out these haircuts for inspiration and if you want you can always cut fringes by yourself following a few easy steps.

best hair Bangs 2016

10 Stylish Haircuts with bangs

1.Medium hair length with messy bangs


2.Blonde Messy Layered Bob

Taylor Swift Vogue messy hair

Blonde Messy Layered Bob

3.Long fringes and wavy long hair

Shaggy-Haircuts long fring wavy hair

4.Classic bob hairstyle with thick bangs

classic Bob-Hairstyles-with-Bangs-

5.Long Messy Bob with Bangs

Long Messy Bob with Bangs

6.Mid length bob with fringes


7. Blonde wavy hair short bob

blonde hair short

8.Taylor Swift wavy short hair with bangs hairstyle

Taylor Swift wavy short hair with bangs

9.Short messy feminine bod with bangs

short bod with bangs

10.The extra long fringe

Sienna Miller bob hair 2016

Sienna Miller’s  short bob haircut

11.GiGi Hadid faux fringes

Fancy a fringe but don’t want to commit? A choppy ‘winge’ (wig fringe aka faux-bangs) is an option too 🙂

GiGi Hadid faux fringes

Hair styling products for haircuts with bangs

Photos-,,, W magazine

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