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Fresh Trends | Stylish Youth Culture Inspired Body Jewelry01


Want to see stylish ways for injecting some youth culture inspired body jewelry to your look?

It feels rejuvenating…

Are you ready for adventurous piercing to welcome Spring 2015?

Having a tattoo was a big step for me but piercing my ears is something I had done from a very young age.  Three holes on each ear.  Best idea ever for stacking earrings …

However, even though belly piercing is something that has crossed my mind, for the moment, I want to go for a tragus or a cartilage piercing.

Tragus and cartilage piercing ? Do you know even what this means?

I didn’t either!

Yearning for hot Spring styles inspired from youth culture I found a website with all kinds of interesting body jewels called and I learned all the terminology.

The tragus is the small flap of cartilage in front of your ear.

The quality of material is key in body jewelry Fresh Trends online shop use 316L surgical steel, Titanium , 14K Gold and 925 Sterling Silver as the base metals for their jewelry.

B:W Fresh Trends | Stylish Youth Culture Inspired Body Jewelry00 specializes in the perfect fit jewelry specifically designed for your tragus piercing.

Balenciaga Earrings Fall 2015

Balenciaga Fall Winter 2015 Earrings


Ear piercing options-BW


All you need to know about Tragus and Cartilage piercing



Ear Piercing terminology b/w


Before getting your Tragus or Cartilage pierced, ensure that you are aware and confident enough about the piercer who is going to pierce your tragus.

Tragus or Cartilage piercing requires experience.

Choose a specialist.

An experienced pierce would hollow using a low gauged needle which would pierce in a straight or a curved manner.

The best part is that the entire process of Tragus Piercing is not that painful as there are very few nerve endings around the area.

Would you dare? I will but I don’t know which one I prefer? Maybe I will start with the cartilage.

I will keep you posted…

Have a lovely Day!!!


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