Florence Gucci Museum- Gucci is 90 years Old and looks Younger than ever!!!

Gucci Museum Florence… interior

Gucci is 90 years Old and looks Younger than ever!!!

Gucci Museum table arrangement

This is a general view of the dinner set up for the Gucci Museum opening, for the 90th anniversary of the marking of the Gucci label. The Gucci Museo opens to the public at Salone dei Cinquecento in Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy.

Gucci Museum

Gucci Museum

Gucci Museum

Gucci Museum

Gucci Museum

Gucci is 90 years Young!!!

Gucci has always been one of my favorite brands! On September 28, the Gucci Museo opened  in Florence, culminating a year of celebrations marking the fashion House of Gucci’s 90th anniversary, located inside the medieval Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence’s Piazza Signoria, the museum sprawls across 18,500 square feet of exhibition space and holds a permanent archive of Gucci history, art installations sponsored by the Pinault Foundation, a shop, a Rizzoli bookstore, and a cafe which serves locally sourced food and drink. I hope you will enjoy the pictures of the exhibits as much as I did!!!

The Exhibits

Gucci Museum Antique Car
Gucci Museum Vintage Dresses
Gucci Museum Vintage leather travel accessories
Gucci Museum Vintage leather accessories
Gucci Museum Picnic sets
Gucci Museum Vintage dresses and logo handbags
Gucci Museum Vintage sport accessories
Gucci Museum Vintage dresses
Gucci Museum Vintage dresses and home decoration items
Gucci Museum Vintage dresses

Gucci Museum Opening In Florence – Arrivals

Did it cross your mind I would not include my favorite outfits from the arrivals at the opening of the Gucci Museum?? After all I am a passionate fashion blogger!!! Enjoy the new 2012 make up and hairstyle ideas along with red carpet Italian outfits (Slideshow)!!!

A closer view of evening hair and make-up for 2012.

Singer Debbie Harry
Actress Violante Placido
Li Bingbing
Frida Giannini Hair and make-up
Emily Browning
Actress Myriam Catania



To celebrate the 90th Gucci birthday, 🙂 I will wear a dark brown suede structured Gucci handbag my mother gave me a few months ago…

This Vintage Gucci handbag is at least 30 year old … ! They live long after the price is forgotten!!!

Gucci… Cartoon

Just got this amazing postcard from my mother…… she read the article and sent it to me from La Jolla…She is contributing constantly to my blogging efforts!

Have a lovely Day!!!



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