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Florals On The Amalfi Coast - TrendSurvivor

Florals On The Amalfi Coast

Comfort and style are both important when choosing what to pack for an outdoor adventure, and of course, what’s on trend. A trip to the Amalfi Coast, which was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997, offers a variety of opportunities to explore. Whether hiking, boating, shopping, or dining, Amalfi is a popular destination. Hundreds of thousands of people have traveled sections of the coastal terrain that covers 34 miles, which is no surprise since it is ranked as the best beach in Italy, the #2 beach in the world, and the #4 best place to vacation in Italy. The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean are so vibrant, it looks unreal.

What to wear on this trip? Well, retro floral patterns are in this spring and their bright patterns inspire joy and nostalgia. Wearing something you feel comfortable and confident in will help you to enjoy yourself more as you travel along the coast, breathe in the fresh air, and snap photos to try to capture every view and soak in the sun. Accessorize with a bag that holds your daily essentials and you’re ready to explore.


Florals On The Amalfi Coast

florals amalfi coast

Experience the hype

As the best beach in Italy, coming in as the second best beach in the world, there are natural expectations when traveling to Amalfi. All connected by the SS163 highway and located in the Campania region of Italy, the coast and 13 seaside towns offer hiking, boutique shopping, dining and more. Some of the best seafood restaurants are located along the coast, too. Tours of the Amalfi Coast can be provide history and facts about the coastline, but also may have a rigid structure. Having a tour guide can provide a sense of comfort though and allow you to relax a little more. It’s really up to you whether you feel comfortable taking your own path. You never know, you may come across something you hadn’t expected.

Shop and explore

One of the most popular places along Amalfi is Positano, the town that looks like a dream. With brightly colored architecture built into the lush cliffs, narrow streets wind around the city and have a romantic, relaxed vibe. In the water sit luxury yachts and speed boats docked and available for tours. The beaches are pristine and calming. There’s also some great shopping in Positano in cute, local boutiques. Great for finding a unique statement item.

Snap some photos

And if you want to see some of the most spectacular gardens, you must visit Villa Cimbrone. Situated in Ravello, neighboring the namesake town of the coast, Amalfi, Villa Cimbrone is a luxury hotel known for its unmatched on-site gardens. The gardens are considered some of the most beautiful and boast an uncommon blend of English landscape, featuring a handful of rare floral species.

Italian culture is rich with the arts, architecture, and food. Amalfi has all of these to offer, which breathtaking views that will make you pinch yourself. So take it all in, from the fresh air to the vistas, be reminded of humanity, of being alive, and that’s always in style.

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