5 TIPS for first date dressing

First date

Oh, nothing to worry, everything is OK with AF… it is Niki, my daughter, who asked me to write an article on what to wear on a first date. It is a burning question for her girlfriends too…

I have been postponing her request and dealing with her fashion dilemmas as they came. However, reading an interesting and funny article on Vogue.co.uk by Marina Khorash “How to dress for a date like a Parisienne” inspired me. Not really a practical article giving specific tips but it showed exactly how a Parisienne approaches dating and dressing versus a New Yorker…

The key word for a Parisienne’s date nigh dressing is effortless. Let’s say for the rest of the world we want seemingly effortless, true to your personality, feminine but not too revealing.

The most important thing to keep in mind is choosing clothes that make you feel at your best, comfortable and confident.

For first date  lasting impressions my 5 styling tips are:

1. Avoid over-dressing or under-dressing for the occasion. Under-dressing is better than over-dressing for a first date.

2. Wear your favorite color it probably suits you and add a pop of color if you decide on total black.

3. Avoid looking too flirtatious on a first date. If you wear a low-cut top pair it with jeans.

4. Wear your hair and makeup in the way you usually do.

5. You shouldn’t look like you’re trying too hard.

What to wear on a first date

Successful First Date Outfits


Niki would wear J Brand Lovestory denim, a statement top and high heel minimal boots.


If ask me- I hope AF will not read this- I would wear skinny J Brand jeans, even though I would consider a pencil skirt, a simple silk top and statement high heel shoes.

The big Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends in three days. Prices will go up again on August 4.

Have a lovely Day!!!


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