Firenze 4Ever LuisaViaRoma X Make Kids Happy | Designer My Little Pony


My Little Pony collection by LuisaViaRoma for Save the Children is part of the Make Kids Happy Project. For the 11th Edition of Firenze 4Ever, LuisaViaRoma joined with HASBRO in support of children effected by the recent earthquakes in Nepal.


Designer My Little Pony for Save the children, Etro, Cavalli, Delpozo, Faith Connection


As I wrote yesterday, our LuisaViaRoma X TrendSurvivor $500 Gift Card giveaway winner announcement was delayed because all the marketing team was engaged in creating an unforgettable Firenze 4Ever event which I missed (grrrr) because I was in Rome and Switzerland with my kids… I am not complaining but I would have loved to be at the rainbow party, too.

Plus, they were organizing the partnership with My Little Pony and the Save the Children foundation which involved a lot of fine tuning, I am sure.


Make Kids Happy | Top designers customized giant My Little Pony


Undoubtedly one of the most collected children’s toy in existence, My Little Pony was first released in 1983 and has since sold more than one hundred million models. A number of top international fashion designers have personally customized a giant ‘My Little Pony’, transforming the iconic character into a magical and unique work of art.

The twelve top designers Balmain, Delpozo, Faith Connexion, Fendi, Gareth Pugh, Manish Arora, Marni, LuisaViaRoma, Missoni, Rick Owens, Roberto Cavalli and Versace created their giant Little Ponies and all proceeds will go to SAVE THE CHILDREN.

My Little Pony Balmain wearing necklace
Balmain’s avant garde Little Ponny
Little Pony wearing Delpozo
 little pony Etro
Etro Ulta chic and iconic
little pony for Save the Children by Fendi
 My little pony for Save the Children by Fath Connection
Faith Connection Graffiti Inspired look
 My little pony for Save the Children by Marni
 My little pony for Save the Children by Missoni
 My little pony for Save the Children by Kenzo
Kenzo – My little Pony wearing a Kenzo tiger hoodie
 My little pony for Save the Children by LuisaViaRoma
 My little giant pony for Save the Children by Manish Arora
Manish Arora My little pony adorned
 My little giant pony for Save the Children by Rick Owens
Rick Owens all black Giant Little Pony
 My little giant pony for Save the Children by Versace

You can find the first four that have been released for eBay auction.

Make Kids Happy – Bid below

My Little Ponies on eBay

and the others on

My Little Ponies LuisaViaRoma

Which one is your favorite??

Images- LuisaViaRoma

Have a lovely Day!!!

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