Fast Fashion in Numbers- Who’s First? Zara, H and M, Gap or Uniqlo?

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Do you want to know what is happening in the fast fashion industry right now? Who made the highest profit in 2011 and who is ready to take the USA on line market? Consumption patterns have changed dramatically and from a seasonal fashion cycle they are moving towards an almost weekly or monthly, treating clothes as a disposable good. (Note: Not me, price doesn’t affect my emotions, I love all my clothes and nothing is disposable soon 🙂  ). After the recession even more people started buying cheap clothes which had as a result raising profits for the four fast fashion giants namely Zara, H and M, Gap and Uniqlo. I have studied business administration and marketing so I am intrigued, not only by the artistic and conceptual aspect of fashion but also the financial! So, I thought some of you might like to know the following facts about our favorite brands! Does cheap fashion have a high cost? What do you think?

Country of Origin and Year of Establishment 

H&M from Sweden is the oldest : 65 years old

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Uniqlo: Japan, 1984
Gap: US, 1969
H&M: Sweden, 1947
Zara: Spain, 1975

Number of Global stores

H&M has the highest number of stores: 2,353

Uniqlo: 1,000
Gap: 1,587
H&M: 2,352
Zara: 1,631

US Stores

Gap has the highest number of stores in USA: 234

Gap logo faces

Uniqlo: 3
Gap: 927
H&M: 234
Zara: 46

Number of Countries 

Zara is the leader having stores in 82 countries around the world

Zara logo bag
Uniqlo: 12
Gap: 41
H&M: 44
Zara: 82

Price of their Signature denim

Gap sells its signature denim at the highest price: $69.95

Uniqlo: Regular-fit straight jeans, $49.50
Gap: 1969 real straight jeans, $69.95
H&M: &Sqin Jeans, $39.95
Zara: Classic-fit denim, $59.60

2011 Revenue in billions

H&M had the highest profits in 2011: $15.1 billion ( you can close your mouth now :))

Uniqlo: $8.7 billion
Gap: $5.7 billion
H&M: $15.1 billion
Zara: $11.4 billion

Growth Areas

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Asia Asia China, US, UK
Uniqlo: Asia
Gap: Asia
H&M: China, US, UK, Germany
Zara: Asia

Weak spots

Uniqlo: Japan
Gap: North America
H&M: Nordic countries
Zara: Spain

Daughters of celebrities who have modeled for the brand

Uniqlo: Dakota Johnson
Gap: Liv Tyler
H&M: Jade Jagger
Zara: None

US e-commerce strategy

Uniqlo: Rumored to be coming by the end of this year
Gap: generated an estimated $15 billion worldwide in 2011
H&M: Announced: will launch this fall
Zara: launched in fall 2011

Source : Racked

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  1. Love to read this article! I never know such things like this:) but look at the blog world, almost everybody wear Zara, HM and Gap, and sure we all know where our money go..:) I hope HM will start their e-shopping in US though, or Zara might take all my shopping buget away, lol…

    1. I thought it was so interesting too… I am so happy you enjoyed the post!
      The H and M store that comes in my mind in USA is in Fashion Valley, near La Jolla but I never bought anything there except maybe a skimming suit… it doesn’t look cool at all..

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